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I saw a facebook post the other day, asking what were the signs you were over 30. The funniest point for me was "you have your favorite spatula". When I googled what spatula actually meant (pardon me, but English is my second language), I laughed hysterically. Yes, it is true somehow. I have a couple too. Let's face it, we are getting older, BUT also wiser. At least some of us :)

Besides healthier food choices, I make wiser clotheing purchases too. And last but not least, stuff that I apply on my face and body. I decided to try out several local brands, offering natural skin care line. For two reasons. I believe in natural products, period. Second, I, as you already know me, always go for local brands and supporting small businesses is my big passion.

1. Almond oil with lemon grass mosquito repellent by Nefertari

This is a perfect choice for those with kids OVER 2 years old. Please be very careful with essential oils when it comes to children. These oils can be introduced to kids in various age stages. We use this one before bed. It's a part of our routine. My son loves the smell and so do I. Almond oil base makes the skin soft and moist. It works as a repellent pretty well, yet it's not 100% successful. But what is, right? Once the smell wears off, sometimes in the middle of the night, the mosquitos do approach again. It's definitely a better choice for me, than chemical sprays containing deet. Cost 90 EGP.

2. Dry shampoo by Donna Natural Beauty Products

I found this one, based on the recommendation of other blogger from Instagram. Her review really excited me and I decided to place my order. I'm very pleased I did. This dry shampoo has a nice lavender smell at the beginning, then it wears off and you forget you even applied it on. It's tinted, so no more white flour looking patches on your scalp. There are two types, for light or dark hair. It's a very soft dust powder, with a thin applicator, that allows you to apply the shampoo only on specific areas, where it's needed. It lasts all day. I've been using it daily for the past month and the bottle is still 3/4 full. The best off all is, that now I don't wash my hair that frequently and the quality of it improved a lot. Cost 90 EGP.

3. Revive facial oil by Donna Natural Beauty Products

This oil became a part of my bedtime routine. My face absorbs it within 1 minute and that's my favorite part, because nothing drives me more crazy, than oil stains on the pillows. My days are long and busy and I'm really looking forward the moment when I wash my face at night and apply it on. I love the smell and thickness of it. It makes the skin bright and refreshed. I struggled with assembly of the dropper a bit, other than that, I would give it 5 stars! Cost 130 EGP.

4. Bubble gum lotion by Bubblzz

I mean, if you are also heartbroken by the fact, that Bath & Body Works prices tripled since they had opened their door in Egypt, cry no more. Here comes a perfect solution. This lotion is so rich and the smell is just out of this world. Besides, it doesn't give me any irritation unlike other perfumed lotions. The cost is 135 EGP and it's so worth it.

5. Natural deodorant White Musk by Bubblzz

I have been hearing about this aluminium deodorant issue for a while now. I was hesitant, as I didn't believe those natural ones really worked.I tried this one only because it was highly recommended by followers on Bubblzz instagram page. It's suitable for both, men and women. I must say the smell is very pleasant and it actually works very well! Moreover, I haven't noticed stains on my clothing either. The only drawback for me is, that it's very liquid and one needs to be extra careful while applying it on. This will not stop me from ordering more though. Cost 135 EGP. 


I hope some of my picks have inspired you. This is not a sponsored post. All the products were purchased by me. TTYL

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Natural skin care products Bubblz photo by Mika Elgendi
Natural skin care products Donna Natural Beauty photo by Mika Elgendi
Natural skin care products Nefertari photo by Mika Elgendi
Natural skin care products Nefertari repelent photo by Mika Elgendi
Natural skin care products photo by Mika Elgendi

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