Nefertari :: chemical free skin care & inspiring story behind it

I have been Nefertari'scustomer ever since I moved to Egypt. I love how their kiosks inside of the shopping malls look. Everything comes in clean, off white and nude tones, combined with wood and cotton.

What is the story behind?

Only about a year ago, while searching for some information on their page, I came across the story behind this company. Long story short, Dr. Mona Erian, a pharmacist by profession who built this business from the scratch, started to mix her own shampoo because of her daughter's sensitive skin and intolerance to usual over the counter products from drug stores. Soon it grew into a shop, many many shops actually and nowadays you can find around 30 branches all over Egypt.

The main reason, why I support this concept so much, is because everything is made locally. Company is contributing to community development, supports several less privileged families and give wok to many in order to keep their living standard and support themselves. As for example, families who make their signature palm leaf baskets for the gift wrapping.

Which products have I tried personally?

Honestly, I think I have tried them all, from soaps, lotions, oils, towels to bath mats and I have always been satisfied. My very favorite product though, is their mosquito repellent made of sweet almond oil and lemon grass cause it's suitable for babies and the smell is just magical. It was a lifesaver for us.

My "must stop" before I travel home for Christmas

I'm an expat and I travel back to Europe every December to spend Christmas holiday with my family. They usually request a list of items they ran out of and I gladly go pick them up as I don't have to struggle with gift ideas:)

That's all for today. Let me know if you find my reviews useful in the comment section below. I also appreciate new suggestions for locally made products I could try. Have a nice day now.

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