Cairo based facebook groups you might benefit from

Most resourceful Cairo based Facebook groups

Whoever relocated to another country knows, that verified information and sense of belonging into a community is worth a gold. Specially at the beginning. There are few facebook groups running here in Egypt, that you, as a newcomer, might benefit from greatly and endlessly. 


Are a great source of information, where ladies often share job openings, rental vacancies, start conversations about various topics, good service recommendations etc.

EWIC - Expat women in Cairo

EWINC- Expat women in New Cairo

NEWIC- Nice Expat Women in Cairo

Al Rehab English speaking ladies

Real Cairo expats


There are plenty and plenty of them in Cairo. You can find all sorts of stuff, new and used. It is super beneficial, if you just moved in and looking for some inexpensive household items or later on, getting rid of them.

Cairo expats leaving sale

Cleanup your closet without rules

New items for you..Cairo

Cairo foreigner’s fantastic sale


Second hand sale Cairo

Al Rehab city garage sale

Garage sale Cairo

Sell and buy your own stuff

Maadi Group -Yard Sale & Community Guide


Wether you are seeking a parenting advice, items for purchase or playdate, these groups are a real lifesaver. 

Cairo moms for natural parenting

Unwanted baby stuff

Fun for kids in Egypt

Mommy and me, New Cairo

Kids flea mart

KidzApp Community Cairo


I make this

Cairo pot and soil

Egyptian law for foreigners

Cairo spots club

Vegetarian/Vegan society of Egypt

Together help orphans and poor kids

Expat Cooks in Egypt

These are the ones, that are the most benefitial to me. If you know a group, that was not mentioned here and it is worthy of adding to this list, please leave me the name and link in the comment below. TTYL.

Made with love by Mika Elgendi. Please ask for permissin to copy my photos. Thank you