5 unusual services I have only seen in Cairo

I mean, I found them funny, cause I giggled, when I found out about every one of them. My father in law always says: "this is a free country and everybody can do whatever he wants".  And I say people in Middle East create new job roles for themselves, like no one else :)

1. Toilet Seat Guy

Couple of years ago, my sister in law informed me "Mika, the guy from the Ideal Standard is coming today". To which I replied: "Sure, I'll be home."  Absolutelly clueless.

The guy showed up in his little white mini van, carried his tool box up and told me to show him our toilet (wait, what ??? :-| ) He came to make a service for our toilet seats. That's right, this company, as I learned later, was one of the biggest on market and provided a lifetime service for their products.

2. Lemon Sweeper Guy

Another day, another guy at the door, wearing a yellow t-shirt with "NODUST" sign. He asked me to give him my sweeper for a hardwood floor. Hesitant, I handed it to him. He opened a sealed plastic bag and took out a new fluffy fabric scented with lemon and exchanged it for the old one on my sweeper. Then gave me a bill for 20 EGP (1.5 Euro). The smell is just addictive. Actually, I love this guy the most, because of that fresh scent.

3. A "Shot" Guy

When my son was a baby, I injured my back badly, while lifting him. The doctor prescribed some injections for me. I was very annoyed by the thought of me, going and coming to this specialized hospital, half an hour away from my home, for 3 days straight. Only then, I learned from my relatives, that it was not necessary at all. They would call a pharmacy at our street every evening to "bring the shot" for me home. The guy came with the meds, syringe, alcohol pads and plaster and injected me right there, in the middle of the dinning room. And now get this. It's a free service, as long as you buy the medication from their pharmacy. Can you imagine ? :) Of course, you tip well, cause this person delivered the meds, and did the service and also he is coming tomorrow, so better don't mess with him haha.

4. Motor Oil Guy

My husband said the other day he had to change the oil in his car, grabbed his key and left. He came back literally 5 minutes later . I thought he forgot something, to which he responded, he was done already. So there goes another job role, by Shell gas station. Instead of driving there to buy the oil and get it exchanged, you call their delivery man, who comes to your home with the oil and does it for you in front of your house. This one is brilliant. 

5. Shisha To Go Guy

Last on my list is something, I saw my first year in Egypt in 2013 and this mental picture stayed in my mind ever since. I saw a small cart, parked at the street, selling some food and shisha (water pipes for smoking). I haven't seen any tables though. So this is how it works, my friends. You go there, park in front of the shop and honk. The guy, let's call him a waiter, comes to take your order (you are still sitting in that car, ok? ). You order sandwich or whatever for drink and request flavor of shisha you would like to smoke. He comes back with your food tray and second tray with hooks, which he hangs on your opened window from outside of the car. He puts the hot charcoals on it and then hand you the pipe so you can smoke. O M G . Now I've see everything!

Now, if you live out of Egypt, hope you have learned something new today haha. And for those of you who, live in Cairo or have ever visited, tell me what other cool job positions have I forgot ? Can't wait for your inputs. TTYL. 

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